Antiloading Top Comb Strips ( Self Cleaning )

The Top comb plays a vital part in combing process as it removes 60% of the short fibres, neps and kitties from the combed sliver. The short fibers and kitties which get stuck between the needles create improper combing as well as bending of needles. To avoid this, Top combs have to be cleaned periodically (once in 2 hrs) which is not at all possible in high speed combers.

Considering the above, we have successfully developed the latest technology of Anti loading type Top Comb Strips as replacement to the existing conventional strips. The profile of the needle has been designed with a concave radius on the taper portion. This concave radius elongates the trailing hooks and guides it along the web there by avoiding frequent chocking of fluffs in the needles. The width of the needle has also been increased from 24 to 22 gauge. With this increase the combing action has also improved.

The Top Comb plates are made out of spring steel and are designed for clamping on both side of the needles. It helps in retaining the shape of the Top comb strip as well as extending its life. The Top Comb needles are imported from Germany. Top combs can be supplied in variable density like 23, 26, 28, 30N/cm.

Benefits of Antiloading Top Comb Strips:

  • Reduction in top comb loading due to improved design of needles.
  • Heavier lap weight can be processed due to improved needle strength.
  • Better Nep removal efficiency.
  • Better life of needles due to dual clamping.
  • Superior finish hence no accumulation of micro dust.