Ertacetal Spools

Good lap preparation helps in achieving optimum combing. Spools play a vital part in good lap preparation. The 3rd generation Lap formers are designed to take up heavy batt weights.

Considering the above, we have developed Ertacetal Spools as replacement to the existing Hylam and Fiber Spools. These Ertacetal Spools are equipped to take Laps of heavy weight. These Spools are having excellent dimensional stability due to homogeneous structure achieved by centrifugal casting process.

The spools are finished for very critical tolerance both in Dimension as well as in weight. During lap winding due to vent holes provided on the spool, the compressed air in between layers of lap is released through the holes. Hence it avoids formation of air pockets.

Benefits of Ertacetal Spools

  • xcellent dimensional stability due to low moisture absorption.
  • Reduction in Lap waste due to better take up of lap and even grip during Lap winding.
  • Reduction in Lap Licking due to release of compressed air through vent holes in the spool.
  • Color Spools like Blue, Black, Orange and Ivory are available for easy identification during process of multi counts.
  • Spools are dynamically balanced for law wear and tear hence longevity in life.
  • Life of Ertacetal Spools is two-three times higher than that of Hylam & Fibre spool.

We Supply Spools for:

  • Rieter – E5/3, E30, E32, E35
  • Lakshmi – SL&RL, LH10, LH15
  • Marzoli – SR34, SR100
  • Hara – HL100, SL100
  • Toyota, Vouk, Hara