Retrofit Kit (E62 Type) for Rieter E7/5, E7/5A, E7/6 & E60H Combers


We in Tex Tech are proud to inform you that we have come out with a Hi-Production Retrofit kit (E62type) for Rieter E7/5, E7/5A, E7/6 & E60H Combers By installing the Hi-production Retrofit kit, the production rate of E7/5 ,E7/5A, E7/6 Comber is increased to 350 nips and for E60H is increased to 400 nips along with an increase in lap weight to 72gms. This Hi-production Retrofit kit can also achieve a noil saving of 1.5 – 2% at the existing production and quality levels. The Hi-production Retrofit kit Consists of Noil saving E62 Nippers, Modified Detaching Loading, Modified Drawbox, Hi-speed Gearbox, Connecting Rods, Lap Tension Plates and LP Bridge.

Retrofit Kit Benefits :                                                                                                                      

  • 15 – 20% Increase in production rates
  • ( or )
  • 1.5 – 2% Noil Saving for Existing production rates
  • 10 – 15% Improvement in imperfection and classimate levels
  • Lower nep levels due to modified nipper Geometry
  • Enhanced nipper life due to improved construction
  • Consistency in U%.
  • Shortest pay back.