Mirra Unicombs

The UNICOMBS plays a vital part in combing process; hence it can be called the “Heart” of the comber. The unicomb combs the front part of the fibre fringe which protrudes from the nipper by penetrating through the thickness of the web sheet. It extracts short fibres, neps and trash from the web sheet. The shape and the density of the wires have to be precise to achieve the best combing efficiency resulting in reduction of neps, trash and short fibres in the web sheet. It should also ensure that good fibres do not go into the noil.

Considering the above, we have developed Mirra Unicombs suitable for all cotton combers. The Unicomb wires are imported from Hollingsworth, USA and the aluminium base is extruded locally. The unicomb base is finished to critical tolerance using state of art CNC machines and the wires are mounted using imported SPMs.

Benefits of Mirra Unicombs:

  • Progressive distribution of wires pionts and optimum tooth geometry helps in achieving better NRE %.
  • High precision in manufacturing guarantees perfect setting between nipper and unicomb.
  • Improved angle of approach in the tooth geometry ensures easy and smooth transition of fibers during combing thus resulting in elimination of hook formation in the fiber fringe.

Our Range of Models:

  • Mirra comb 1400F type – 77° 90°, 111°
  • Mirra comb 1449 type – 90°
  • Mirra comb 5015 type -111°
  • Mirra comb 7015 type – 90°
  • Mirra comb 8015 type – 90°
  • Mirra comb 9015 type – 90°
  • Mirra comb 8014 type – 90°
  • Mirra comb K549, 5459, RH009