Mexican Fibre Brush With ABS Base

Only a clean unicomb can guarantee perfect combing. The Circular comb Brush helps in maintaining the unicomb clean. With each rotation of the unicombs fibres, neps, trash are combed out of the web sheet and to prevent these from getting back into the web sheet the circular comb brush is used for cleaning. The moment the brush engages with the unicomb, the brush picks up trash, short fibre and noils surely and completely. Normally the Brush is set for 1mm penetration into the Unicomb wires. The brush and the unicomb rotate in the opposite direction and the brush cleans the unicomb from the back end of the wire. The cleaned up noil which gets deposited on the entire circumferential area of the brush is removed by the wind protecting plate and than it is sucked out either by intermittent or continuous suction arrangement.

Incase of failure in the suction the noil which is deposited on the circumferential area of the brush builds up on the dia meter and starts jamming the unicomb wires. To avoid this, in the latest 3rd generation combers the base of the Brush is designed in ABS polymer instead of conventional wood. Because of the failure in the suction the nails which gets build up on the brush creates increased friction. The ABS base melts due to this increased friction, Hence it avoids jamming of wires on the unicomb. The value of unicomb is 20 – 30 times more costlier than that of the brush, Hence by installing ABS brushes, the life of the unicombs gets extended.

Benefits of Mexican Fibre Brush:

  • First quality superfine bristles closely set (990 holes) for efficient cleaning.
  • ABS Base body helps in solid anchoring of the fibre tufts in perpendicular axis.
  • Pinning of fibre tufts in angular position on the last row of the two halves, eliminates gaps which avoids fibre accumulation.
  • Even if a tuft of bristles is torn out the retaining wire stays in the brush hence damage of unicomb is avoided.
  • Incase of increased friction between the brush and the unicomb, the ABS base gets melted thus avoided damages to unicomb.

We Supply Brush for:

  • Rieter – E7/4, E7/5, E7/6, E7/5A, E60, E60H, E62, E65, E66, E76, E72, E75, E70R, E61
  • Lakshmi – LE7/4, LK250, LK54, LK64, LK64Z
  • Marzoli – PX1, PX2, PX80, CM500, CM500N, CM600N
  • Hara – VC250, VC300, VC5
  • Toyota – CM18, CM10, CM100, VC5A, VC6
  • Chinese – Jingwei, Hongyuan, Keijong, Hongchi
  • Vouk CM 400, CM 400S