Metrological Lab Mld

Metro Lab Division – MLD

We have opened a Metrological Lab (MLD) as an extended arm of doing REVERSE ENGINEERING and 3D modelling. The following are the equipments available:


a) Spectrometer for testing chemical properties : SPECTROMAXx type LMXM5F-BT-MATRICE CONFIGURATION-Fe Base, AL Base, CU Base

b) Co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) for 2D & 3D dimensions: CIMTRIX – DAISY 8106 CNC – CMM

c) Vision Measuring System (VMS) – Scanning & Measuring 2D & 3D: Rapid-l-Magnifying value 134 times.

d) Height Master : for Measuring 2D dimentions: Electronica Optima plus Advantage

e) Surface Roughness Tester : for testing RA values – Mitutoyo Japan.


The Following Equipments will also be added shortly :


  UTM – Universal Testing Machine
  Impact Testing (IZOD and Charpy),
  Flaw Detector


Spectro Meter

Vision Measuring



Height Master