HI-Production Retrofit KIT for Sliver Lap E2/4a Machines


We in TEX TECH are proud to inform you that we have come out with a Hi- production Retrofit kit for converting the existing Sliver lap E2/4a machines to the 3rd generation Super Lap formers. By installing this Hi-Production Retrofit kit, the Production rate of the existing Sliver lap machines can be increased by 15-20% along with in improvement in quality levels. (Reduction in thick & thin places).

Modified Spring Loading System with Positive Clearers

Timing Belt Drive for Drafting Zone

Modified Spring Loading System with Positive Clearers


  • Modified Detachable type Positive clearers for Top Rollers.
  • Provision of Timing belt drive for entire drafting zone.
  • Provision of Bottom stripper arrangement for bottom flutted roller consisting of Polyurethane stripper and holder brackets for trouble free performance.


  • 15-20% improvement in production rates due to process of heavier lap weights (68gms)
  • Reduction in thick and thin places due to uniform loading on the top rollers.
  • Improvement in mean length of Lap due to effective drafting.
  • Removal of flies and loose fibers due to stripper arrangement